Prescription Drugs that Cause Birth Defects

Prescription Drugs that Cause Birth Defects

An estimated 90% of women take one medication during pregnancy while 70% take at least one prescribed medicine. Over the last three decades, prescription medication use during the first trimester has increased by more than 60%. Research has shown that taking prescription pain killers can increase your child’s risk of birth defects.
An average of 150,000 children are born with birth defects in the United States each year ranging from milk conditions to life-threatening. Heart defects are the most common form of a birth defect affecting more than 25,000 US infants each year. Clubfoot is the second most common defect affecting more than 5,000 babies per year. Down syndrome gives children a degree of retardation and impacts 1 in every 1,000 babies in America. personal Injury Law

Drugs that Increase Risks of Birth Defects

1. Teratogenic: These medications can cause birth defects in multiple ways by directly damaging the fetus, damaging the placenta or umbilical cord, or causing uterine contractions.

2. Tetracyclines, Sulfa drug, Cipro, and other Antibiotics.

3. Benzodiazepines for sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs can contribute to issues with newborns breathing, temperature regulation, and muscle problems.

4. Accutane and other related dermatological drugs are known to pose an extremely serious risk of birth defects or death and should never be used by a pregnant woman.

5. Soriatane is another dermatological drug that is considered damaging to developing fetuses and is not recommended for use for three years prior to conception.

6. Aspirins and other related salicylates drugs can cause birth complications when used late in pregnancy.

7. Antidepressants such as Paxil can double the risk of heart birth defects when used in the first trimester. Prozac is known to double your risk for delivering a child with primary pulmonary hypertension.

How To Battle Bad Breath When Wearing Invisalign Braces

Now that you have Invisalign clear braces your teeth are going to be straightened without the need for unsightly metal brackets. This means that your confidence and social skills are going to be boosted. With a higher level of confidence comes more social interaction. With social interaction often comes a common concern; “How’s my breath smell?” Today our Invisalign Orthodontist wants to share with you some of the best ways to he knows of to help keep your breath fresh throughout the day.orthodontics

Carry A Travel Size Bottle of Antibacterial, Alcohol-Free Mouthwash With You

Mouthwash is a great tool for fighting foul breath during the day. Just because you can remove your Invisalign aligners while you are eating, and no food will be getting caught in metal brackets, does not mean that food will not still be getting caught in your teeth.

Swishing vigorously with mouthwash can help loosen trapped food particles from in between spaces in your teeth. Those trapped food particles, if left to sit, would otherwise begin to accumulate bacteria, turn to plaque, and cause bad breath. That same bacteria can also potentially cause tooth decay and gum disease.

One of the best things about mouthwash is that it can be used at any time of the day and nearly anywhere. After meals, while you are at school or work if you feel like throwing a wrench in the works of bad breath then simply step into the nearest bathroom and give your mouth a quick swish.

Drink More Water

Water is another incredibly useful tool in the daily battle on bad breath. Many people do not realize exactly how important water is when it comes to fending off foul breath. Water facilitates the production of saliva in your mouth. It just so happens that saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria.

Saliva does something amazing to bacteria. It has the ability to keep portions of it suspended in a type of temporary liquid prison. When you swallow, those portions of trapped bacteria go down with the saliva you just swallowed. It is then sent down into your digestive tract, which happens to be much better suited for effectively handling bacteria than your teeth and gums are.

Just remember that while a wet mouth is a happy mouth, not all liquids will produce the same results as water does. Water contains no sugar or caffeine, an ingredient in many drinks, will actually make your breath worse. So the next time you find yourself feeling parched, skip the soda or juice and reach for some water instead.orthodontic treatment


Yes, we are aware that you have been hearing this advice from dentists all your life, but there is a reason for it. Now that you have Invisalign flossing is still a quick and simple option for you because your clear plastic aligners can be removed! You won’t be having to fight through metal brackets with special flossing tools in order to properly care for your oral hygiene.

Flossing removes trapped food particles from in between the spaces in your teeth. It does so even more effectively than mouthwash. Removing those food particles before they have a chance to accumulate bacteria and cause bad breath is one of the keys in preventing it in the first place.

Like mouthwash, floss can be used anywhere at any time. It’s a simple and easy way to help prevent bad breath during the day.

We hope these useful hints have helped give you a leg up in the battle against bad breath.

Until next time readers, keep smiling.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

The motorcycle accident attorney plays a very important role in determining the level of success that you are going to experience in the court room. They are the people that take you through the legal consequences of the accident that you have been involved in. It does not really matter if you are at fault or not because most lawyers have been trained to deal with both sides of the coin. They will bring their expertise to the case and ensure that you have the best presentation possible. Without the active participation of the various members of your legal team, it will be very difficult to win over the court case. Competency is an important consideration. These are some of the considerations that you might bear in mind when looking for an attorney after a motorcycle accident.personal injury lawyers

1. Relevant experience: The motorcycle accident attorney that you select has to have relevant experience in the area that you are asking them to undertake. They are not just a lawyer but someone that is going to be involved in the case management from the beginning to the end. It is very important that you select people and firms that are able to bring varied experiences to the case. They will greatly improve your chances of winning.

2. Academic qualifications: These qualifications are a minimum requirement for motorcycle accident attorney. Normally they will display their certification on the premises but you might need to see it in order to ascertain the level of academic achievement that you representative achieved. This is not done in order to create personal intrusion but to ensure that you are assured of high quality representation.

3. Past cases: The history that the motorcycle accident attorney has in dealing with cases will be important in making a selection. It is important that the client takes the time to review the cases that have been dealt with. Many of these attorneys end up winning cases just on the basis of the previous successes that they have had in court.

4. Personal recommendation: This is by far one of the most important considerations for the client. The use of personal recommendations means that the decision to hire a motorcycle accident attorney will be based on facts. They will be able to gain the benefits of listening to the stories of the people that have worked with that attorney before. These are valuable experiences when it comes to selecting the right legal representative.motorcycle accident lawyers

5. Costs: Unless the case is fully funded by the state or the other side, the legal costs of your motorcycle accident attorney will be an important consideration. The celebrity lawyers tend to be very successful but they charge very high prices when compared to the rest of the industry.

6. Ethical considerations: It is important to work with lawyers that are capable of upholding ethical standards. The motorcycle accident attorney has to ensure that they are following the guidelines that govern that profession. In that vein they will be able to deliver high quality services to their client.

When using well water, you need a shower filter

Well, water is exposed to the external elements of contamination. The harmful components can seep through the subsoil layers, industrial sources, agricultural wastes, paints, etc. When you pump the water and utilize it for the showers, the untreated elements can cause serious health problems. More information for the Best Shower Filters here.
Potential Threats

Hardening Compounds

The average level of hardness in the well water (particulates per million, PPM) varies from 17.1 to 180. The principal ingredients could be free chlorine, calcium carbonate, magnesium, calcium sulfate, fluoride, and the nitrates. The excellent water hardness can vary from moderate to critical levels.
Metallic Elements
Well, water can contain potentially harmful elements like lead, mercury, nickel, selenium, and manganese. The inorganic form of mercury deposits can be from industrial wastes, pesticides, landfill materials, etc. Lead enters the well water from industrial effluents, fertilizers, paints, etc. The other harmful elements may originate from the external sources, or be present in the subsoil layers of the earth.
Microbial Contaminants
The microbial contaminants in the well water could be germs, pathogens, bacteria, and the other forms of infection causing elements. Heavy rains and flooding can increase the concentration levels considerably.
Adverse Reactions

Skin Problems

Chlorine can cause a wide range of skin disorders, infections, and diseases. Some of them are short-term reactions, while the others can have the long-term negative impact. Chlorine is one of the elements that can kill many of the harmful bacteria on the human skin. But it will also result in oxidative reactions on the skin.
Acne: Chlorine can block the skin pores and activate the dehydration of the tissues and cells. The dryness attracts UV radiation from the sun at a rapid pace. The result is an aggravated situation of free radicals oxidizing the skin layer. The sebaceous glands’ overstimulation results in more than sebum production. The blocked pores cause the inflammation of the acne pimples on the skin. The symptoms can be mild to moderate in the initial stages. But the intensity can increase rapidly as you shower consistently.
Aging: Skin dryness can also result in the formation of wrinkles, and toxic substance accumulation on the skin layers. The skin can absorb the chlorine, and the micron size deposits grow at a faster rate. It can also result in weakening of the collagen and the elastin. Premature aging of the skin is a direct result of using untreated well water.
Rashes: Formation of skin rashes quickens with the deposits of chlorine, sulfates, fluoride and the other hardened elements. Researchers have found these elements to destroy the protective layer of the skin cells and tissues. Exposure to sun and heat can result in skin rashes.
Cancer: Skin cancer is one of the long-term risks associated with the chlorine and dissolved chemicals in the well water. The hot steam emerging from the showerhead also contains the high concentration of vaporized chlorine and the chemicals. The skin pores tend to absorb them faster. In fact, these elements can penetrate to the dermis and the hypodermis layers of the skin. Consistent exposure can weaken and destroy the hair follicles, sweat glands, subcutaneous fat, and the connective tissues. The result is the enhanced risk of cancer.
Infections: The pathogens in the well water can cause allergic reactions on the skin. Increased sensitiveness to light, heat, synthetic fibers, wool, and the perfumes is the primary damage caused by the allergens. The other forms could be psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc.

Cardiovascular Problems

best shower filters - shower heads

The skin has direct connectivity with the lungs. Psoriasis on the skin can cause internal pneumonia that affects the lung health. Skin rashes can increase the [possibility of heartburn and acid reflux. The skin allergen accumulation can affect the cardiac mast cells that connect to the blood vessels in the hypodermis region.
Muscular Problems
Some of the connective tissue disorders like systemic sclerosis result in the hardening of the connective tissues. It may affect the free movement of the joints and the muscles. Sharp sensations of pain and increasing dryness are some of the symptoms. Chlorine, fluoride, and the other sulfates are the primary causes of this disorder, especially among the children and the elderly.

Shower Filter Benefits

The shower filter reduces the probability of the above-listed disorders and diseases by more than 98% unless the individual is suffering from the other forms of inherent causes.
• Chlorine: The shower filters can eliminate 99.99% of chlorine by utilizing the construction mechanism of the filtering layers. Active carbon can absorb the free chlorine molecules and the other forms of water hardening elements. KDF can convert the free chlorine into the simple forms of the chloride. This conversion seems to work better when the hardness of the water exceeds 180PPM. You don’t need to replace the filter frequently since it doesn’t clog. Soft water is beneficial for the pore cleaning, Detox, and the removal of excess sebum from the skin layers.
• Chemicals: The KDF and the Infrared stones (ex: ceramic) can filter out more than 99.99% of the volatile compounds from the well water.
• Metals: The microscopic and the micron level metal removal make the water soft and free from harsh elements.
• Microbes: The KDF and the infrared stone layers can destroy most forms of the microbial organisms present in the well water. It reduces the probability of skin infections. The infrared irradiated water can also increase the skin immunity. You can stay away from the skin allergens and infections during the winter and spring seasons.
• Energizer: The infrared irradiation of the shower water results in enhanced negative ions concentration. Smooth circulation, controlled blood pressure, muscular massaging, and the elimination of stress factors from the skin are the benefits of shower filter. It enhances the energy levels of the skin and the muscles. The connective tissues function efficiently due to the improved accumulation of collagen.

The shower filter functions efficiently with the hot and cold water through all the seasons of the year. Hence, you can expect long-term skin health and fitness.
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